Insight and Oversight

We provide integrated data solutions that are fast and flexible. Our team believes in the power of data to answer important questions. Our goal is to help you find those answers by making your data more accessible, meaningful and purposeful.

Data Development:
Accessing data & unlocking potential

Business solutions often are hidden in the data. Unlocking these solutions becomes a function of accessibility. Data must be accessible for it to be relevant. This requires the development of the right data architecture and technologies.

We can help integrate your disparate network of business systems into a single platform of truth. With our expertise in management finance in a variety of industries combined with our proprietary data warehouse design, we can implement a solution that is fast, flexible and powerful. Our platforms have the capacity to cascade large volumes of data from multiple data sources that returns results to end users in seconds.

  • Executive Dashboard & Data visualization
  • Hardware & Cloud infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence Cube
  • Modern Platform for Data Integration

Data Analytics:
Analyzing data & finding meaning

Organizing data is a necessary first step, but data organized is not the same as data analyzed. We fine true meaning and answers through data modeling and reporting.

We help you discover key insights within your data, leveraging tools like Microsoft Power BI for predictive analytics, business intelligence reporting and data modeling.

  • Predictive Analytics & BI Reporting
  • Data Modeling for insights
  • End to End Reporting & Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Optimization

Data Consulting: Strategizing with
data and acting with a purpose

Business solutions found and modeled from data should drive actions. But charting a path forward in the world of data often requires a guide.

Our team of experts know the terrain of large data inside and out. We will work with you to understand the landscape of your data and together we will explore the possibilities of how to improve it.

We will help you ask the right questions, define a big data strategy, advise on best business practices and provide important business intelligence roadmaps.

  • Best Data Practices
  • Business Intelligence Roadmaps
  • Infrastructure Refinements
  • Finance, HR, Sales, Business Analysis

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